n602, NeoGrip Multi-Purpose Tubing and Cable Holders
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Neogrip Tubing and Cable Organizer, Pink/Blue

Quantity: 40/box

Pink=20 Pieces, Blue=20 pieces

Features & Benefits

  • Leaves no residue on tubes, cables or wires
  • Sterilizable
  • Holds suction tubes, no bunching or twisting
  • Attaches to patient for better mobility
  • Use in any hospital department
  • Keep your equipment with you at all times
  • Great for use in NICU
  • Ideal for use during transport
  • N603 can be sterilized for use in OR
  • Not made with natural latex rubber
  • Not made with plasticizer DEHP

Directions for Use:

Insert tubes, cables, wires, cords, etc and seal hook & loop material together.

  • Item #: 1109-N602P
  • Manufacturer: NeoTech
  • Condition: New

Neogrip Tubing and Cable Organizer, Pink/Blue

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