NeoBar Neonatal ET Tube Holder, Large, Blue N713
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NeoBar Neonatal ET Tube Holder, Large, Blue

Quantity: 5/box

Features & Benefits 

  • Attaches to patients with latex free NeoBond® hydrocolloid
  • Reduces extubations and helps prevent palate trauma
  • Available in 7 color coded sizes for babies as small as 400 grams
  • No tape near nose or mouth, allows for better oral care
  • Standardizes application procedures and prevents frequent tape changes
  • Easily removed in case of emergency
  • NOW available in larger sizes for larger/pediatric patients!
  • Please note, “H” stands for hydrocolloid. “F” stands for “foam”. Larger sizes of the NeoBar are available in traditional hydrocolloid, or with a medical grade adhesive/foam that is suitable for more mature skin. Hydrocolloid should be used on neonatal patients.
  • Transport box available! Catalog #N718, includes sizes N709-N714
  • Not made with natural latex rubber
  • Not made with plasticizer DEHP

  • Item #: 1100-N713
  • Manufacturer: NeoTech
  • Condition: New

NeoBar Neonatal ET Tube Holder, Large, Blue, 5/box

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